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Building a HEALTHY Community

Our mission is to promote healthy, positive choices in Tekoa youth by working together to reduce substance abuse.
How can I prevent my child from using alcohol or marijuana? More Information

Remember to follow these parenting guidelines:

1. Create close bonds with your children.

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Children are less likely to drink or use drugs when their parents are involved in their lives and when they feel close to their parents. Family conflict and lack of bonding increase the risk of drinking and drug use.

2. Set clear boundaries for your children.

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Set clear rules early and talk about the rules often.

3. Monitor your child’s interactions.

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Always know what your kids are doing. Help them plan safe and fun activities.

Tips when Staying at Home

Children need routine - Try to keep a regular bedtime and wake time. Set aside time for reading, chores, being outside.

Keep up to date - Check the Tekoa School District website and Facebook page daily. Use the links at top of page for state and national information on COVID-19.

Take time together - Enjoy our spring weather outside. Be sure to keep social distance if leaving when you are outside. Play a game, read a book together, create a fort, cook a new recipe.

Keep Busy (Ms. Harp's Self-Care Ideas) 
  • Gardening and/or yard work
  • Journaling
  • Drawing and/or coloring
  • Take a walk or bike ride
  • Play with your dog or cat or other pet
  • Meditation (check out YouTube for breathing exercises)
  • Exercise
  • Cooking
  • Art Project, Scrapbooking, Card making 
  • DIY Project
  • Email or write letter to friends and family
  • Read books/e-books (free from library)

And RestRelax your body often by doing things that work for you-take deep breaths, stretch, meditate or pray, or engage in activities you enjoy. Pace yourself between stressful activities, and do something fun after a hard task. Talk about your experiences and feelings to loved ones and friends, if you find it helpful.

Why Prevent Underage Drinking?

Underage drinking and youth substance abuse cause our young people to put themselves in dangerous situations and can harm the developing adolescent brain in ways only recently understood. 

Drug and alcohol use by those under 21 is related to numerous health problems, including injuries and death from car crashes, suicide, homicide, drowning, and recreational mishaps.  

Factors leading to a youth's decision to use drugs or alcohol are complex and likely to include influences from many domains, including peer, family, and community.