HTC Meetings are on the second Monday each month at 9 am at Kathy Kramer's home at 309 E Henkle. 

Light refreshments are provided.  Please join us to learn more about what we are doing in Tekoa.
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"Excellent... superb... I was impressed with the quality."

- Honorable Cheryl Karner, Domestic Relations Judge, Cleveland, Ohio

"Positive Parenting Award"

- National Council for Children's Rights

"Active Parenting Award"

- Children's Rights Council 

Incredible Years Attentive Parenting Program for parents with children ages 2-8

We all have dreams of our children easily making friends, reading at or above grade level, getting along with others, and being independent problem solvers.  Parents an caregivers can earn the A in coaching these skills early one, and then watching your child sail smoothly through the early years of school. Attentive Parenting adds to your parent tool box the skills every adult who works with young children needs to foster persistence, literacy, problem solving and emotional regulation.

6 meeting dates that cover the following topics:

child-directed play, creative play,

academic and persistence coaching,

emotional literacy and empathy,

social coaching and emotional regulation.

Registration is ongoing and free.  Please contact Jennifer at 284-2781 for enrollment and questions.
Workshops offered twice a year. If you missed this one, just let us know and we will get you in the next one!