Coalition Sponsored Events

Project Sticker Shock is our public awareness campaign to remind adults that providing alcohol to minors is illegal.
Goal: Shine a light on healthy behavior that already exists and provide the opportunity to expand family choices in a rural area where opportunities for positive social interaction are often limited. Resulting in increased positive family choices and communication.
Activities for this year:
 Fall Carnival
Trivia Game Night
Movies at the Empire Theatre
Slippery Gulch Inspirational Messages
National Night Out
Parenting Help!

Two classes available for adults of various aged children. 

Incredible Years Active Parenting promotes positive relationships, school readiness, and problem solving.  Guiding Good Choices teaches parents better ways to talk to their kids about the risk of problem behaviors

 They also...

*Create a stable, supportive, harmonious family environment

* Teach  the skills we need to get along with others

* Deal positively, consistently and decisively with problem behavior should it arise

* Encourage behavior you like


Law Enforcement Partnership: 
Alcohol purchase surveys of area restaurants and markets to ensure retailers were asking for identification of persons under 30.  Whitman County Sheriff and the Liquor Control Board assisted in surveys and broader advertising to promote our mission to stop underage drinking and access to alcohol.
CADCA conference speaker Dr. Nora Volkow Discusses Marijuana's Effects on the Brain, Body & Behavior.  Visit NIDA for teens website.