The HEALTHY Tekoa Coalition meets the second Tuesday of each month. 
During COVID-19 restrictions meetings are held via Zoom. Email for meeting link.

Meeting Minutes


HEALTHY Tekoa Meeting minutes

Our mission is to promote healthy, positive choices in Tekoa youth by working together to reduce substance abuse.

October 13, 2020 at 9 AM

Meeting at City Hall, Tekoa High School and Zoom


Attendees: J. Olson, D. Harp, M. Wilkins, E. Wilkins, A. Rambo, J. Sanchez, W.Potter, A.Kliewer, D.Lehn, Y.Bone, K.(ATVP), B. McHargue


  1. Whole Group Discussion (I missed this part!)

                                                    i.     Concerns

                                                  ii.     Trends

                                                iii.     Congrats –

  • Ava, Elise, Trista and Alyssa’s Senior Project (Distracted Driving Mock Crash) successfully completed with lots of community support.
  • Beta Sisters providing Halloween treats to Preschool through 6th grades.


  1. Ideas for Virtual Family Night

                                                    i.     Provide a dinner if possible

                                                  ii.     Family Craft

                                                iii.     Quarantine theme dress up days

                                                iv.     Scavenger Hunt


  1. Planning for Prevention Summit – November 3rd & 4th

                                                    i.     Reserve High School Library

                                                  ii.     Multiple Workshop Lessons to choose from virtually

                                                iii.     FCCLA may cater lunch, follow-up (Yes, enchiladas and chicken alfredo)

                                                iv.     Students should turn in their applications to the office by 10/23, other HTC members to Jennifer Olson.


  1. Planning Public Awareness

                                               i.          October is National Medicine Abuse Awareness; Prescription take back is on 10/24.

                                             ii.          Red Ribbon Week (Oct 23-30);Various activities provided within guidelines, such as, pledge cards, coloring contest, banner signing, bulletin boards.

                                           iii.          Sticker Shock (10/23) meeting at the Grocery Store at 7:30am.

                                           iv.          Discuss & vote on next billboard; Students had an idea of a campfire backdrop. The “Students sitting” was the number one vote from the options presented. A recommendation for shorter, concise wording will help drivers read the full message without being distracted. Students suggested a contrast with wording and picture.


  1. Launch Virtual Costume Contest

                                                    i.     Participants dress up in their costume at home and share to the Healthy Tekoa Coalition Facebook page or email to Jennifer Olson. Contest submissions close on 10/26/2020. Prizes will be awarded!


  1. Coalition Assessment Tool

                                                    i.     How are we doing as a coalition?

                                                  ii.     Answers are anonymous.

Coalition achievements this past month:                                                           


Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 9, 9am, at City Hall/THS/Zoom