Helping Empower Action, Leadership, Teamwork, and Health in our Youth
The HEALTHY Tekoa Coalition meets the second Tuesday of each month at Kathy Kramer's home at 309 E Henkle in Tekoa.

Meeting Minutes


Healthy Tekoa Minutes

Our mission is to promote healthy, positive choices in Tekoa youth by working together to reduce substance abuse.


 May 8 at 9 AM


1.       Recognize guests: no new faces today!

2.       Whole group discussion:

a.       Concerns:

                                                              i.      A student brought up a concern to an adult in the community that adults are not locking up prescriptions in their houses and it is known amongst teens that they can get prescription drugs from homes

                                                            ii.      Tekoa S.D. is doing a mental health assessment of the current services and gaps in services, this will hopefully help with funneling services to the places with the most need

b.      Trends: n/a

c.       Congrats:

                                                              i.      Thanks Kathy for the recyclables

                                                            ii.      Thanks Robert for the painting

                                                          iii.      Jimmy is a dad again!

                                                           iv.      Celebrate Recovery’s Tekoa chapter will be recognized by the national organization

                                                             v.      Kylee, Ali, and Dawson are graduating! Thank you so much for your service to prevention in Tekoa! We know you’ll all do great at your respective schools next year: U of I, EWU, and NIC!

3.       Tekoa Prevention Week May 14-18

a.       Nerf Family Olympics at Ruhl Park at 2pm, May 12

b.      Scavenger Hunt for students at THS/for adults around the community - Eclairs Gift certificates

c.       Spinning wheel of drug facts at THS 3x during the week

d.      Paper Tigers May 17 at 6pm at Tekoa Library

e.      Resiliency May 22 at 6pm at Tekoa Library

4.       JUUL information/Truth Institute presentation

a.       See attached handout for more information on JUUL e-cigarettes, the leading e-cig brand, especially among young people

5.       Key Leader Event: we had 70 attendees and 32 painters!

6.       Need a review Committee to look over Budget/Action Plan : Carrie, Connie, others? by June 10

7.       Slippery Gulch drug free lock in June 15

8.       New youth coalition member nominations: 7 potential members from next year’s sophomore class, current youth coalition members will do interviews with them to narrow it down to 2-3 members

9.       EWU YMHFA summer opportunity: Eastern is putting on a two-day summer program on campus to train high school students to be mental health ambassadors at their schools, including being trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid. If you know of anyone who would be interested in this opportunity, please get in touch with Diane for more information

10.   Diane will be travelling to Springdale’s coalition next week to share some of our coalition’s successes with them. If you have anything you think she should mention, let her know



FYI Coalition achievements this last month:

1.       RX Takeback week April 23-27  gave out 100 free Lock Boxes given