Helping Empower Action, Leadership, Teamwork, and Health in our Youth
The HEALTHY Tekoa Coalition meets the second Tuesday of each month at Kathy Kramer's home at 309 E Henkle in Tekoa.

Meeting Minutes


Healthy Tekoa Minutes

Our mission is to promote healthy, positive choices in Tekoa youth by working together to reduce substance abuse.


April 10 at 9 AM

Members present: Diane Harp, Carrie Hubert, Kylee Jenneskens, Alison Kalmes, Madison Kalmes, Avery McFarling, Vanessa Corwin, Rebecca Payne McHargue, Eric Bretz, Wendy Bretz, Melinda Wilkins, Alyssa Heagy

1.      Recognize guests: n/a

2.      Whole group discussion: 

a.      Concerns: Availability of Narcan in our community (ambulance crew has it); Need to share with community that calling for help with overdose (opioids, especially) and alcohol poisoning will not get you in trouble, even if you or friends are using illegal drugs or drinking underage

b.      Trends: n/a

c.       Congrats: Jimmy is a DAD again! Wendy & Eric are great-grandparents!

3.      ATVP presentation: April is Sexual Assault Awareness (and Action!) Month

a.      A high percentage of adult victims of sexual assault were intoxicated at the time of the assault and therefore unable to give consent. Perpetrators often use substances such as alcohol or drugs to incapacitate their victims in order to facilitate a sexual assault

b.      Rape victims are much more likely than non-victims to use marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, and other hard drugs

c.       Victims of sexual assault may use alcohol or drugs to numb or escape from painful memories or PTSD symptoms

d.      Concurrent treatment of PTSD and addiction is essential

e.      WSU has ATVP talk to all freshmen students during Orientation Week about consent – clear, visible consent is necessary, and those under the influence cannot give consent

f.        YouTube video teaching consent using the analogy of brewing a cup of tea

g.      Prevention: talking about consent and communication, normalizing the conversation about consent, affirmative consent laws

h.      Palouse Teen Council: get trained to be a peer educator! Meet weekly for 2.5 hours in the evening during the school year, have to be in grades 10-12 next school year, can be used as part of a Senior Project, meals provided during meetings, can work with Vanessa to make it work with gas vouchers and closer meeting sites

4.      Community survey 2017 results

a.      Increase in perception of moderate/serious problem: alcohol use, marijuana use, RX misuse, depression, suicide

b.      Decrease: DUI

c.       Stayed about the same: tobacco

d.      Community is saying that fewer people in the community are allowing youth to drink! Yay!

e.      Knowledge of coalition is decreasing, but we have a greater diversity of respondents

f.        Almost 40% of respondents say they keep RX meds locked up

g.      62% of respondents ALWAYS monitor their RX meds

5.      Key Leader Event April 21 3-5pm at the HS

a.      Combination Neighbors Watch and HTC: Family Paint night at the High School

b.      Ice cream and Cake/cookies

c.       Planning committee: Wendy, Diane, Alyssa

6.      Neighbor’s Watch meeting date: Today at noon!

7.      Increasing coalition at High School:  Instagram /Community Award Basket----Jimmy and HS students

8.      Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education Program (YMPEP) is submitting a plan to send 3 folks to be trained at the Montana Summer Institute--social norms training

9.      Committee to work on Budget/Action Plan update

10.  2018 Beyond Paper Tigers training opportunity ( request to move funds)

a.      Tri-Cities June 26-28

b.      Carrie, Alyssa interested

c.       Melinda moved to transfer funds to accommodate sending members to this training; Carrie seconded; all Ayes, no Nays

d.      Carrie will borrow the Paper Tigers and Resiliency DVDs from Oakesdale for the Coalition to screen again

11.  Larger TV for HS Multipurpose room (request)

a.      Current smaller TV will move to Grade School for norming activities

12.  Prevention Week May 13-19 – Ideas for High School activities and information for students

a.      Favorite activities: wheel, pledges, questions inside balloons, scavenger hunt competition to win prizes (Eclairs gift certificates) located both at the HS and around the community


Coalition Achievements:

1.      Completed Sport, a healthy choices training 4-6th grades

2.      RX Takeback week April 23-27 with free Lock Boxes given out April 27 from noon-3 at the Tekoa Pharmacy


1.      May Family Night – Saturday, May 12th at 2pm – Nerf Olympics

2.      Next Healthy Tekoa Meeting: May 8th at 9pm


1.      Diane is collecting tissue boxes, empty 2-liter bottles, and old Slinky’s for games at Slippery Gulch teen lock-in