Helping Empower Action, Leadership, Teamwork, and Health in our Youth
The HEALTHY Tekoa Coalition meets the second Tuesday of each month at Kathy Kramer's home at 309 E Henkle in Tekoa.

Meeting Minutes


Healthy Tekoa Agenda

Our mission is to promote healthy, positive choices in Tekoa youth by working together to reduce substance abuse.



February 13 at 9 AM


1.      Recognize guests—FranDiane, Vanessa, Melinda, Jimmy, Kylee, Avery, Alison, Madison, Dawson, Becky, Brittany, Carrie, Eric, Wendy, Alyssa


2.      Whole group discussion: 

                                                              i.      Concerns: -Energy drinks, caffeine, sugar, poster with sugar content, info on tv, Red Bull Italian Sodas, Mr. Poppe sells concessions before and after school

                                                           ii.      Diane will create posters for information dissemination

                                                         iii.      Trends: Congrats: Eric is the 1st quarter winner for the random act of kindness award, the Tekoa Mansion & 202 S Broadway Victorian for yard winners to nominate people for random act of kindness award, yard award

3.      April/May --

                                                              i.      paint night--still planning

                                                           ii.      talent show--still planning

                                                         iii.      Key leader event (combine with neighbors watch and i or ii)

1.      Planning committee not set yet


4.      Increasing coalition at High School Twitter/Community Award Basket----Jimmy and HS students reported -Instagram is up.  On Timberwolf Tuesday (next Tuesday) student coalition will ask for award nominations


5.      National Drug and Alcohol Facts week Jan--Jimmy reported that he put up10 facts around the school, students filled in the blank worksheet, students who completed the worksheet got entered in the raffle for prizes

6.      Family Night out March 2nd 6pm, Ferris Buellers Day Off


7.      CADCA--Connie and Diane will report next meeting


8.      ATVP Activity: the difference between me inside and outside